Seminar Small Business Big Game in Taiwan


Boss, let the employees play their due capacity and get rid of the life of principal and bell ringer!

Reveal 5 must-know skills of the "boss":

Skill #1: How to increase employees' sense of responsibility & solidarity? Not only do your own work well, but when faced with market fluctuations and crises, can you stand on the company's side and actively propose various solutions for the company?

Skill #2: The traditional five-management "production, sales, people, development, and wealth" is no longer applicable. What is the "functional organizational structure" that can really make the company bigger and last longer? (Organization chart should not be just a piece of paper)

Skill #3: When time and funds are not enough, how to "systematically" judge which resources should be invested first, instead of making decisions "by feeling"?

Skill #4: Which of the various "business models" you have learned is "really suitable" for your company, and how should you "integrate and apply" it in your company?

Skill #5: How to recruit talent correctly and avoid the dilemma of "not easy to recruit, even harder to retain"?


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