Alexander Vysotsky will hold a private webinar for residents of Business Booster

Lector:Alex Visotsky

On July 13th, a meeting of Business Booster accelerator residents will take place. This is the first event of its kind to be held online. Alexander Vysotsky will conduct a webinar and share information such as:


- 2 main development strategies for a business owner;

- how much can be earned from buying businesses;

- how to use the money of a family office and funds to engage in mergers and acquisitions;

- whether the Roll-up strategy is suitable for a company and how to determine if the company is ready for a roll-up;

- "pitfalls" of buying and selling businesses.


In addition, at this webinar, Alexander will talk about "500 RollUps" — a new product for mergers and acquisitions. It is designed for those who have completed the Business Booster accelerator and are ready to learn how to merge companies and scale.


A private meeting for accelerator residents has already taken place, at which Andrey Alchiev spoke about the tools for working with social networks.


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