How to Build a Strong Personal Brand: Learn at the Masterclass from a Blogger Whose Audience is More Than a Million

Lector:Alex Visotsky

In the past, to stay in touch with the target audience, entrepreneurs spent time on personal meetings with clients, organizing exhibitions, and offline presentations. Today, everything is much simpler—thanks to social networks, people from any part of the world can learn about you and your product. The extent to which your personal brand is developed directly affects the success of your business.

Within the Business Booster community, we conduct closed masterclasses for residents every week, where top speakers share various experiences: from negotiation skills to business automation.

But this time, we decided to organize an open masterclass for everyone titled "How to Soar in the Media — Ways to Build a Strong Brand on Instagram and YouTube," which will take place on April 2 at 7:00 PM (GMT +3).

The speakers of the masterclass are Nellifornication and Valentin Vasilevsky. Valentin is the co-founder of Business Booster; it was he who built the marketing department in our company and is responsible for the promotion strategy.

About Nellifornication:

👍 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 million on Instagram;

👍 10 years of experience working with major TV channels;

👍 production company NC Production.

Nellifornication built her media presence from scratch and now ranks in the top 10 best travel bloggers in the Russian-speaking YouTube community. At the masterclass, she will share how she achieved such success and, most importantly, provide all the necessary tools so that you too can take your social networks to a new level. You will learn:

👍 What media rocketing is;

👍 How to build a strong personal brand in 2024;

👍 All effective tools for developing social networks;

👍 How to use binge-watching to benefit your business.

Register for the masterclass "How to Soar in the Media—Ways to Build a Strong Brand on Instagram and YouTube" right now → https://bbooster.online/omze

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