Visotsky Consulting no longer exists

There have been many changes in our company over the past six months.

From a consulting company, we have been transformed into an EdTech-IT company in the business training. We have acquired the status of an international company as we have subsidiaries in the US, Taiwan and Europe. The geography of our clients is growing every year. Our programs are already being attended by clients from 57 countries: USA, Israel, Iceland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

To get everyone to study from anywhere in the world, we provide 90% of services online. Study goes in three languages: English, Russian, Chinese. We have expanded our main Business Booster program for entrepreneurs, now it consists of 4 steps. The first step is for small business owners who want to prepare their business for systematization, form a team of key employees and managers and delegate operational functions, strengthen marketing and sales in order to transform the company from this foundation for further growth and development. At the second stage, the owners implement a management system, the company works like watches, but the owner is still at the level of an executive director. On the third - the owners completely exit the operating system and work on strategy and development. And on the fourth - large system companies that want to scale up, open branches and attract investments.

We have created the Tonnus IT platform for business automation based on many years of experience in consulting projects. It will allow company owners and top managers to build a management system and enjoy doing business. Now we are engaged not only in systematization, but also in business automation. We plan to grow further and create new projects. Therefore, we remove the word Consulting from the name, and leave only the name Visotsky, under which our new path begins with new products for business owners. Our vector of development now is to expand the provision in the US and Europe in English, translate materials and launch our programs in other languages.

We have a global goal - to create a large holding company with a share in fast-growing companies in various business sectors and upgrade these companies, make them niche leaders. For these companies, we will develop a strategy, build management companies, improve marketing and sales, attract investments, and automate processes. Do everything we can to scale them quickly.

Stay tuned and let's move forward together!


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