Alexander Vysotsky will perform on the same stage with Brian Tracy as part of the NEXT MBA project

Alexander Visotsky will perform on the same stage as Brian Tracy as part of the NEXT MBA project

Quality education is considered a privilege that is inaccessible to most people. NEXT MBA aims to make it accessible and convenient for executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, and other professionals. To achieve this, they invite top speakers from around the world.

The NEXT MBA program is designed for 12 months of study, with online broadcasts twice a month on Saturdays. If you miss a session, you can watch the recording on your personal account. The lectures are conducted in English.

The training starts on March 25th. On this day, the founder of Visotsky Inc, Alexander Visotsky, will give a lecture «The Hiring Funnel: How to get high-performing employees». Also on March 25th, Brian Tracy, a famous speaker in the field of psychology and motivation, will perform «on the same stage» as Alexander with a lecture on «Leadership in a time of uncertainty».

You can find out more at the following link: https://nextmba.online/


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