The first of its kind Anti-Conference kicked off on May 7, 2020

Why “Anti-Conference”? We do not complain about the crisis, we do not invite Schwarzenegger and world stars to tell you how to do business. We have gathered recognized practitioners, entrepreneurs and experts who really know about the real problems of small and medium-sized businesses in the CIS.

For 9 days, we have been working together so that event participants, business owners, can go through this crisis and make their business stronger. For some, this is an opportunity to survive and survive, but for someone - a chance to grow, it all depends on your niche.

Our experts give only practical data, their experience, successful and unsuccessful actions of doing business in a crisis and in a calm time, as well as gifts that can be applied immediately after the speech: check lists, courses, closed master classes, promotional codes and much more .

The Anti-Conference is attended by over 500 participants from different countries and business fields.

Practice, practice and practice again is the most suitable description of the Anti-Conference. We thank all the participants who are studying with us now, you are real progressors, because only a professional business owner knows that stopping is not an option in a crisis, it’s important to find ways to grow!


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