Taiwan hosted the BOS seminar for the first time

For the first time in Taiwan, the offline seminar BOS has started. On April 14th, Visotsky Inc held a training session for local entrepreneurs in Taipei. The goal of BOS is to help strengthen teams and increase work efficiency so as not to slow down the pace of development even in difficult times. The seminar was conducted by consultants and experts from Visotsky Inc's Taiwanese branch. They shared information on management methods that allow companies to grow up to 10 times a year.


40 small and medium-sized business owners participated in the training. Nevertheless, clients from Taiwan are not accustomed to online education and prefer to learn from and communicate with lecturers in person. Although digitization is one of the main trends in this region, more people rather participate in offline events. Therefore, the decision was made to improve the office for conducting live meetings.


At the same time, the Visotsky Inc team is striving to gradually prepare the Taiwanese audience to receive knowledge online.


Recall that in the middle of December 2022, Alexander Visotsky and Valentin Vasilevsky signed an updated agreement with partners from Taiwan. This allowed Visotsky Inc to scale into a new market and teach Taiwanese entrepreneurs unique business management methods.


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