The residents company Vysotsky Inc received two awards

The founder of the "Ministry of Doors" company is a graduate of the Business Booster project (School of Business Owners) Sergey Panchenko

The Ministry of Doors company is the leader in the production of entrance metal doors in the Ukrainian market, it sells its products in the markets of eight countries in Europe and Asia. At the end of December, the company received two awards, founder Sergey Panchenko wrote about this on his Facebook page.

On December 27, they received an award in the category "Socially Responsible Business" from the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine.

On December 28, at the annual award of the SUP (Split of Ukrainian Companies) - an award in the nomination "Best Operational Solution".

On behalf of the Visotsky Inc team, congratulations to Sergey Panchenko, a graduate of Visotsky Ukraine Business Booster (School of Business Owners), and the entire team of the Ministry of Doors. We are proud of a systematic company that successfully fulfills its mission - it creates comfort and safety in every home.

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