A meeting of the "Hiring and Onboarding" faculty took place, where secrets of effective hiring were shared

The meeting of the "Hiring and Onboarding" faculty was led by Olesia Timoshenko, a business engineer from Business Booster. Her professional experience includes:

- 3 years of experience at Business Booster

- 5 years of managerial experience in finance, HR, and general management

- progressed from a specialist to a deputy director

- practicing HR manager and recruiter for top managers

- assisted over 150 companies in implementing management tools

During the meeting, the speaker shared insights on how to effectively conduct interviews with candidates, revealed the essence of hiring as a customer funnel, and shared a unique technology for employee development. Participants learned that the goal of an interview is not only to select a candidate but also to assess how well they fit into the corporate culture and possess the necessary competencies.

Olesia Timoshenko also highlighted the key stages of the interview, from initial acquaintance to deep diving into the candidate's professional experience and personal goals. After the main part of the meeting, participants had the opportunity to ask the speaker questions, analyze their cases, and receive specific recommendations.


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