A meeting with the new business engineer from Business Booster took place at the «Company Organizational Structure» faculty

Andrey Bochkov led the meeting on «Organizational Structure and Legal Entities». He is a new business engineer with over 20 years of professional experience in regional and international companies as a production director, SEO specialist, and business owner. The speaker has been part of the Business Booster team for 2 years. During this time, he:

- Developed 30+ structures

- Created 20+ metric systems

- Experienced in implementing BOS in companies

Participants discussed the key points related to building the organizational structure in a company. The speaker noted that this is necessary to:

- Understand the organization's structure

- Manage personnel

- Plan and develop strategies

- Improve communication

- Evaluate effectiveness

- Train staff

- Manage changes

Additionally, Andrey Bochkov explained during the meeting when the organizational structure and legal entity are the same. He also pointed out that different types of businesses should be separate from one structure.


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