Anton Trunin's Masterclass: “Fundraising and Investments as a Business Development Tool”

For the residents of Business Booster, a masterclass by Anton Trunin was held on the topic “Fundraising and Investments as a Business Development Tool”.

Anton is a partner at UTC Capital, author of a course on startups and venture capital for the graduate program at MIPT. He is a speaker at Plug&Play, a key external speaker for the 500 RollUps program at Visotsky Inc., and a Strategic & Advisor for owners of traditional businesses and startups.

The expert shared his knowledge and experience in attracting investments and using them for business growth. During the masterclass, the following topics were discussed:

- Types of business and venture investments. The differences between traditional and venture businesses and why startups often capitalize better than traditional companies.

- Strategies for increasing the value of small businesses. Cash-cow models and M&A (mergers and acquisitions).

- The necessity of investments. Why it is important to assess the need for investments and associated risks correctly.

- Defining a multiplier for the business. A methodology for calculating the multiplier based on EBITDA.

- Working with private equity funds. Strategies for searching and investing in companies through private equity funds.

Anton thoroughly analyzed examples of successful deals, demonstrated how to properly approach fundraising, and use investments for effective business development.

For those who could not attend, a recording of the masterclass is available via a link.

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