Marketing Analysis by Valentin Vasilevsky for the F9 Faculty

Co-founder of Business Booster, Valentin Vasilevsky, conducted a live breakdown of the sales funnel for the faculty "Manimarketing: Marketing and Sales." During the session, Valentin answered questions about:

- What marketing tools are suitable for improving the conversion rates of B2B companies?

- How to optimize the marketing funnel in your company and attract more customers?

- How to find and utilize growth points to increase sales volume?

Using the example of Evgeny Sokhan, the owner of the Ukrainian company Univet, which specializes in the distribution of dental products, Valentin conducted a marketing diagnosis and suggested improvements to the company’s marketing strategy: focus on email marketing, implement new mechanisms to increase sales conversion, analyze the target audience more deeply, work on brand attractiveness, and much more.

For those who could not attend, a session recording is available.


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