Business Automation Workshop for Residents

In mid-May, the residents of the Business Booster accelerator attended a workshop titled "Automation in Business." During the event, updates to the Business Booster Platform were presented for the first time, and attendees were shown how to use them. The speaker, Andrey Salkov, is the Product Owner of the Business Booster Platform. He has:

- Over 6 years of experience in fintech and web and mobile application development;

- Experience launching 10 products with an audience of over 20 million people.

Andrey Salkov explained the changes to the Business Booster Platform. New features include calendar planning, Google Calendar integration, and task setting from Telegram:

  1. Calendar planning allows integration with Google Calendar to display meetings and account for labor costs. Users can plan one-time tasks, move, cancel them, and return unassigned tasks. Each day shows overtime or underworked hours.
  2. Task setting from Telegram via bot users can assign tasks and executors immediately transferred to the platform. The bot can transcribe voice messages and identify tasks, significantly saving time.

The webinar also outlined upcoming development plans for the Business Booster Platform. Future features include a multi-level structure of sections and documents in the Knowledge Base, access rights settings, the formation of job folders in the Organizational Structure, and more.


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