Attended the Masterclass by Alexander Zhuravlev on the topic: "AI Revolution"

Recently, a masterclass was held by technology and venture investment expert Alexander Zhuravlev on the topic: "AI Revolution." The speaker:

  • has 14 years of experience in IT and technology;
  • over 7 years in venture investments;
  • has conducted more than 200 deals and analyzed over 10,000 companies in a year;
  • founder and managing partner of Mento VC and Mento Business-Consulting;
  • former portfolio director at AltaIR Capital;
  • investor in companies such as Miro, Deel, Sunbit, OpenWeb, EquityBee, Lili, June Homes, and Jeeves, with an ROI of over 8k on personal investments.

In the masterclass, Alexander Zhuravlev discussed the current state and changes in the AI ecosystem, providing examples of AI usage in generating images, text, audio, and code. He also demonstrated the benefits of AI in everyday life and business through specific cases, emphasizing that artificial intelligence is not just a buzzword.

Alexander highlighted the importance of understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI. According to the speaker, the main problem lies in computational power and its cost. He suggested that in the future, about 20% of America's electricity will be spent on AI computations.

Participants of the "AI Revolution" masterclass learned about current and future trends in the world of artificial intelligence, as well as real applications and challenges faced by the industry. At the end of the event, Alexander Zhuravlev answered all questions and received feedback on his presentation.

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