Valentin Vasilevsky's Open Marketing Analysis Session

Valentin Vasilevsky conducted an open marketing analysis of Alexander Kolomiyets's company, Denver Appliance Pros. The company specializes in the repair of large household appliances and has an annual turnover of $2.5 million. It employs 30 people, with offices and clients mainly located in the USA: 98% in Denver and 2% in Houston.

The analysis began long before the actual event. Together with business engineer Oleg Sinyansky, Alexander conducted a marketing diagnosis, including an analysis of the sales funnel and marketing metrics. This diagnosis revealed several key points:

  • main focus: concentration on Denver, with plans to expand into Houston.
  • multiple websites: more than 10 sites for each Google point, complicating management.
  • average ticket: repair of large household appliances with an average ticket of $300 and diagnostics for $79.

Main problems:

1. SEO and marketing: lack of complete control and understanding of SEO, frequent blocking of Google My Business (GMB) locations.

2. Marketing strategy: lack of a clear strategy and regular management in marketing.

3. Lead generation: transition from SEO promotion to purchasing leads (AdWords, Google Guarantee).

4. Role of the owner: Alexander performs the role of a marketer, with no division into primary and secondary sales.

5. Target audience and competitor analysis: lack of analysis of the target audience, trends, and competitors.

Business engineer Oleg Sinyansky recommended that the resident work on strategic marketing: introducing regular marketing activities, audience and competitor analysis. He also advised improving management: regularly coordinating with the team and delegating marketing tasks.

During the analysis, Valentin Vasilevsky gave Alexander the following advice:

  • Hire an SEO specialist.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews to understand customer needs.
  • Test website conversions and improve its elements.
  • Use social media for complaints and support through Twitter.

The marketing analysis allowed Alexander Kolomiyets to receive valuable recommendations for improving the company's management and marketing strategy. Implementing the suggested changes will help Denver Appliance Pros increase marketing efficiency, lead generation, and strengthen its market position.


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