Masterclass "How to Create a Working Strategy for Exponential Business Growth

A masterclass for residents titled "How to Create a Working Strategy for Exponential Business Growth" was conducted by Nailya Mehrabova. The speaker is:

  • a global business strategist of world renown;
  • agraduate of Stanford and Oxford;
  • former head of an oil company;
  • a member of the board of directors;
  • author of the book "Heir's Strategy";
  • advisor to owners and top managers of corporations, government officials, and leaders in the UK, UAE, and other countries.


Nailya provided participants with elements for developing an effective strategy and emphasized that only a dynamic strategy model works in the post-COVID world. She explained that one of the best ways to create future scenarios is through PESTEL analysis.


Additionally, Nailya Mehrabova presented four levels of technological innovation during the masterclass:


1. New features on existing products or services

   - Investment: Low

   - Risks: Low

   - Reward: Low


2. Improvement of existing products and services.

   - Investment: Medium

   - Risks: Medium

   - Reward: Medium


3. Evolutionary products and services.

   - Investment: High

   - Risks: Medium

   - Reward: High


4. Revolutionary products and services.

   - Investment: High

   - Risks: High

   - Reward: From high to unlimited


Nailya Mehrabova concluded that "only those who truly understand their internal factors survive." She also reviewed several resident cases and provided practical advice on creating strategies for companies. The masterclass offered residents valuable knowledge and practical tools for creating an effective and dynamic strategy to help their businesses grow and thrive.


"Once you embark on the path of change, you must not stray from it," noted Nailya Mehrabova.


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