Brainstorming Session for Business Booster Residents

We regularly conduct interactive sessions among the accelerator residents with the goal of finding solutions for ambiguous questions. Business is a field with many options and just as many opportunities to make mistakes. To avoid this, we involve competent business engineers and guide the owners through the development and scaling process.

Another method we use is brainstorming—it allows for the rapid generation of ideas and solutions to problems, so that later the most optimal ones can be selected. On January 30th, we held a full session for the residents. In the first 20 minutes, participants divided into groups and got acquainted, after which they began generating ideas for their companies.

For example, we considered issues such as forming top teams, strategies for foreign markets, and many others. All participants are business owners in various fields, so they freely exchanged experiences and helped each other solve unconventional situations. Such sessions are an opportunity to look at business from a different angle and apply new methodology.

Brainstorms are also a mandatory part of every Business Booster Board. These are live meetings for owners that take place several times a year. You can learn more about the event format here.

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