Elena Borovkova's Business Analysis: Victory in the 'Breakthrough of the Month

Alexander Vysockiy and Valentin Vasilevsky recently conducted a detailed analysis of Elena Borovkova's business. Elena is a resident of the Business Booster accelerator and the winner of the 'Breakthrough of the Month' contest in December. She owns Vmobile, a company that deals with the sale of luxury cars in Latvia and Germany. During a 2.5-hour session, the experts thoroughly examined the company's revenues, expenses, and financial strategies, identifying potential points for scaling the business.

Alexander and Valentin meticulously studied the financial structure of Vmobile.

  • Special attention was given to the salary fund and its optimization for the sustainable growth of the company.
  • The experts raised important questions aimed at uncovering hidden opportunities for scaling.
  • They also analyzed possible directions for expanding activities and increasing profitability.

The analysis of Elena Borovkova's business not only recognized her achievements but also served as an important tool for identifying the company's potential. Alexander Vysockiy and Valentin Vasilevsky provided valuable recommendations and identified key growth points that could lead to significant improvement in Vmobile's performance.

Such sessions offer a unique opportunity for all residents to learn from real cases, applying the knowledge gained in their own projects. This case was chosen by a vote of the participants of the Business Booster Insider channel on Telegram. Subscribe to follow the internal processes of the company and see what the residents achieve.

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