Business Booster Celebrates the Birthday of Valentin Vasilevsky

Today, December 24th, marks the birthday of Valentin Vasilevsky, the co-founder and CEO of Business Booster.

Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Valentin has founded three successful companies, managing them entirely remotely. His education and experience in programming, radio engineering, and technical sciences have enabled him to oversee five projects focused on development in the fields of artificial intelligence and IT.

October 30, 2017, was a landmark day for Business Booster: Valentin Vasilevsky and Alexander signed a cooperation agreement in Manhattan, marking the beginning of the accelerator's development as an international organization. Since then, thanks to Valentin, our company has successfully transitioned to an online format, providing programs to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Valentin plays a key role in developing the company's marketing strategy, implementing new technologies, and optimizing processes. His achievements include integrating AI into the production of courses for the Taiwanese direction, creating a new corporate identity for Business Booster, and continuously studying and testing new services.

We express our gratitude to Valentin for his invaluable contribution to the development of the company and congratulate him on his Birthday. We are proud to work with a market leader and master of his craft.


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