Business Booster Marketing Company's Main Records of 2023

Within the Business Booster holding, there are six subdivisions, and the marketing company is responsible for all communication with clients—from introducing them to our social media to purchasing and training. We are happy to share our achievements—this year has been particularly productive and eventful. Below, we reveal the main successes of each department of the Business Booster Marketing Company.

Team Building Department

Throughout the year, we responded to 20,773 candidate resumes and conducted 762 interviews. As a result, 26 new employees joined the marketing company. Now we are even more, and we strengthen each other.


- We managed to automate the hiring process;

- Updated orientation courses for newcomers;

- Launched a technical support platform for the marketing company;

- Held 3 goal-oriented games, each lasting a month.

Marketing and Sales Department

The main achievement — gross income increased by 27% compared to last year. And the record for income in a cycle (4 weeks) — $282,644. Speaking of implemented projects, we conducted a large-scale launch of the updated online workshop Business Operating System with over 200 participants.

Another important achievement—preparing salespeople to sell the accelerator in English. In 2024, we will be able to expand our geography and help an even larger number of entrepreneurs.

Finance Department

- Implemented a project for re-signing contracts with clients for 2022 and 2023.

- Introduced new reduced percentages of deductions to the tax fund.

- Wrote off unprovided services amounting to $1,000,000.

Company Product Provision Department

- Increased conversion by 5%—conducted 20 launches, with a total of 1,508 participants;

- Held 9 thematic courses for business owners throughout the year—conversion increased by 7%.

Product Quality Department

- Completed 50 tasks to improve the "Effective Business System" product;

- Completed 15 tasks to enhance the thematic course "System of Motivation and Salaries";

- Completed 15 tasks to enhance the thematic course "System of Regulations and Job Descriptions".

Also, 18 courses totaling 250 hours were created for the employees of the Business Booster Marketing Company. And 50 new books were added to the corporate library. In total, employees spent over 700 hours on external training.

PR Department

- Gained 110,000 new subscribers;

- Doubled the audience growth rate on social networks;

- Increased the volume of published videos by 40%;

- Increased the volume of text by 39%.

We also launched a factory of resident cases and began actively publishing in English-language media.

Department of Additional Product Sales

This year, the department's total revenue increased by 30%! Also set a weekly revenue record—$43,506.

These are incredible results that have been achieved thanks to teamwork and a constant pursuit of excellence. We are confident that 2024 will be an even bigger breakthrough for the marketing company.


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