Held a Master Class on Business Automation: Here’s How It Went

The Business Booster Accelerator is a comprehensive business enhancement in all aspects. Participants achieve this through a variety of training methods that combine the application of new tools in practice.

On January 9th, a master class on business automation was held for residents of the Business Booster accelerator. The speaker was Maxim Grinevich, the founder of the IT company CBI Technologies, the consulting company CBI Consulting, and the Technical Director of the Business Booster Platform product.

Maxim shared his experience in the field of automation:

- How digital automation can transform a business;

- The difference between business automation and process automation;

- The main goals of automation;

- How to determine which processes in your business can be automated;

- Common mistakes businesses make during automation;

- Methods for implementing automation;

- Practical cases and solutions.

We would like to remind you that we recently presented a major update to the accelerator. The latest version includes division into faculties, a course on financial reporting, and an improved Business Booster Executive MBA program. You can read about it here.

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