Last Friday, an online meeting was held where Alexander Visotsky and Valentin Vasilevsky presented the updated Business Booster accelerator program

We're excited to share the additions and improvements that await the residents on the old version and the advantages that make it worth switching to the new version.

Update of the current version of the accelerator:

We've adjusted the concept of Business Booster: previously a program for training business owners, it's now a fully-fledged accelerator with five elements:

  • 1. Program for business owners
  • 2. Training for managers
  • 3. Training for employees
  • 4. Business Booster Platform for business management
  • 5. Business Booster Board Community
  • 6. Business Booster Faculties

For the first time, we are launching thematic spaces for discussions around specific business tools. Each faculty will be led by a business engineer and a coach who will communicate with the residents through Zoom meetings and chats. The faculties will operate in tandem: educational course+faculty.

There are a total of 11 faculties covering all aspects of Business Booster training:


1. Boosting Efficiency

2. Mission and Values of the Company

3. Company Organizational Structure

4. Hiring and Job Induction

5. Result Measurement System: Metrics and Dashboards

6. Synergy of Teamwork: Planning and Coordination

7. Automation of the Company based on BB Platform

8. Financial Management

9. Moneymaking: Marketing and Sales

10. Advanced Management System

11. Leadership and Managerial Mastery

New Business Booster MBA Program

Business Booster Executive MBA is a special program for nurturing effective managers, which has already been completed by more than 750 people. Its uniqueness lies in being specifically aimed at managers, not business owners. It focuses on making people competent in the system we use, ensuring all your managers are trained in management tools.


If the previous version of the EMBA focused on the use of management tools, the new program is oriented not only towards managers but also towards those who could potentially become them. More attention is paid to enhancing leadership qualities, skills in nurturing employees, conducting internal hiring, and reshaping corporate ethics within the team. In other words, the program is aimed at developing managerial qualities.


Key skills your manager will acquire after completing the MBA:


1. Leadership skills

2. Ability to build business processes in their area of responsibility

3. Ability to clearly define tasks and goals and monitor them

4. Ability to delegate any responsibilities correctly

5. Understanding of types of planning and controlling their execution

6. Skills in hiring and firing employees

New Course – Financial Reporting

A new course has been added to Business Booster – a cash flow statement, which will show how much money has come in and gone out of the company for a certain period.


Additionally, this course will test a new approach: besides the owner, the company's financial director will also have access to the training to implement the learned material into their growing business as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every Business Booster resident can join the new course now.


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