Valentin Vasilevsky's podcast with Leonid Smith has been released.

Leonid Smith is a professional videographer and blogger who engages with people from various fields on current topics. He invited Valentin Vasilevsky (@val.vasilevsky) as an entrepreneur, AI expert, marketing specialist, and remote team builder. Moreover, Leonid discovered that he and Valentin live in the same city, which soon led to the idea of recording a joint podcast episode.

 The ninth episode of "Still Untitled," is dedicated to business and neural networks. The following topics were discussed:

 - The development of neural networks and their threat to humanity;

- How to increase revenue through positioning;

- The difference between the paths of a master and an entrepreneur;

- Which book can change one's outlook on life.

 The podcast turned out to be interesting and useful for everyone working in the digital field or owning a business. You can listen to it on the following platforms:



 ►Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast


 ►Listen to the podcast on Spotify


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