“Secrets of Hiring: How to Find the Perfect Personal Assistant” — a New Article by Valentin Vasilevsky in Business.FM.kz Magazine

Valentin Vasilevsky's new article has been published on Business.FM.kz, where he shares professional secrets on finding the perfect personal assistant. The article focuses on three key aspects crucial for those who want to hire not just an assistant, but a reliable business partner.  

First, attention is given to the qualities and skills that a good personal assistant should possess. Valentin emphasizes that the ideal candidate should not only be intelligent and quick-witted but also highly responsible. This is important as the assistant will deal not only with organizational tasks like flights and meetings but also with significant business tasks.  

Second, the process of finding the right candidate is discussed. The article describes proven hiring strategies that can help identify potentially successful assistants at the interview stage. It's important to consider the candidates' previous work experience and their ability to learn and solve tasks independently.  

Third, the aspect of training and adapting the assistant to your individual needs is addressed. Vasilevsky shares tips on how to effectively integrate a new employee into business processes, including involvement in all important meetings and conferences, which facilitates a quick and deep understanding of the specifics of your work.  

To learn more about how to find the perfect personal assistant, read Valentin's article on Business.FM.kz. It will be especially useful if you want to optimize your work and time to the fullest.


Business Analysis by Alexander Vysotsky

At the Business Booster accelerator, a business analysis session was recently conducted for Tagir Sagidov, owner of "Old Press", by Alexander Vysotsky.  

Tagir opens his outlets in high-traffic tourist locations like Paris, Madrid, Athens, Warsaw, London, Lisbon, and many others. The company's photographers take pictures of tourists, print them in vintage newspaper style, and give them away for donations. Thanks to the "wow" effect, the service has gained immense popularity, especially in Paris: bloggers have attracted a huge number of clients through social media, and tourists from Korea specifically travel to the Eiffel Tower to get a stylish photo.  

Through the business accelerator, Tagir's company bought out its share from the main franchise company, grew from 15 to 105 people, and expanded its presence from 2 to 15 cities.  

During the analysis, Alexander provided a key insight: do not be afraid of competitors. If they exist, it means your example inspires them; they want to emulate you. Alexander also highly rated the scalability of Tagir's business from an investor's perspective.  

The business analysis is a vivid example of how participation in the Business Booster accelerator provides entrepreneurs not only with knowledge but also with practical tools for growth and scaling their projects.


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