We were the first in the world to launch an auto funnel in Taiwan

We are an international company and constantly launch new projects in our office in Taiwan. This quarter, we adapted the IT platform for the AXL online schools to the Taiwanese market, enabling the launch of webinars there. Such a thing does not exist in Taiwan yet and has never been before. We are the first to create this.

The AXL platform was not originally adapted for Taiwan. However we integrated the Taiwanese payment service ECPAY, the SMS service Every8D, and the social network Line.

This is a powerful collaboration, which faced many difficulties and obstacles. We were always improving something, eliminating shortcomings, and sometimes things did not go according to plan. But in the end, we launched the funnel with minimal revisions, tested it, and already saw how the traffic works. Now we have solid data that we analyze and understand how to work further with it, how to launch, and what benchmarks we should aim for.

We tested 2 auto webinars. The next goal is to fully connect the auto funnel and launch it in auto mode. We will share victories in future news and digests.


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