The second quarter of the fiscal year has concluded: sharing the results

Last week, all branches of Business Booster summarized the results for the second quarter. We're sharing the main achievements:

✔️ The Taiwanese branch has already achieved 75% of the annual revenue quota. Revenue figures have doubled compared to last year.

✔️ A total of $3.3 million worth of products were provided.

✔️ For 5 years, we operated exclusively offline in Taiwan. Today, 52.2% of the revenue comes from the online delivery of BOP (Business Owner Program). Now we can offer our programs to more entrepreneurs — previously there was a limit of 3 groups.

✔️ We created a bot for the recruitment funnel. It collects data about candidates, changes their status in the CRM, and also pulls interview records with candidates from the Google drives of managers. Previously, this work was done by an individual who manually processed 100 applications per day, but now it's done by the bot.

✔️ Currently, a chatbot for onboarding is being refined, which will be able to step by step adapt new specialists, grant necessary accesses, and reduce curator time by 30%.

To stay informed about the internal processes of our company, join the closed channel Business Booster Insider via the link. There we will be publishing:

- how we work with residents;

- what new projects we are implementing;

- how we generate and implement ideas;

- what helps to manage a staff of 200+ remote employees from 25 countries.

And much more.


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