You can now take an inside look at Business Booster's operations

Each of you has the opportunity to peek behind the scenes at how our company works. See quarterly reports, records of weekly coordination, practical use of artificial intelligence, and much more.

We have launched a Telegram channel with Business Booster insights. Our subscribers have chosen its name — Business Booster Insider. It is focused on practical utility, so all materials can be used to strengthen your company.

In this channel, there is already information about:

— how we use management tools, which we also help to implement for Business Booster accelerator residents;

— how we work with residents;

— what new projects we are implementing;

— how we generate and implement ideas;

— what helps to manage a staff of 200+ remote employees from 25 countries.

Everything you see on the channel can be applied to your own companies.

Access to the channel is free; you only need to register. Do it now, and you will learn about the marketing company's performance for the week, get a list of hypotheses we are currently testing, and peek at the services we use in our work. Usually, this is only available to Business Booster employees.

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