Residents of the Business Owners Program in Taiwan Gathered to Share Changes

22 Taiwanese residents from the BOP gathered to share the results they observed in their companies after implementing management tools in the first quarter. We are about to share their achievements:

  1. Owners began to delegate duties and established a clear organizational structure. Teams gradually got used to the changes and successfully coped with crises during the absence of entrepreneurs.
  2. A study group was formed to pass on the knowledge that residents received while going through the BOP. This promoted interest in learning among employees and the formation of corporate culture.
  3. A seminar on goals and tasks was held, the purpose of which was to tell employees about the company's historical development. Some owners were pleasantly surprised by their subordinates' interest in this topic. Employees voluntarily collected feedback from their colleagues and shared it with entrepreneurs.
  4. Employee engagement increased: they began associating their work with business goals and achieving them with collective efforts.


Companies have moved from unilateral influence to equal exchange, creating a sense of unity among the teams. This is what they come to our programs for — to make companies more organized and results-oriented.


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