From Visotsky Inc. to Business Booster: we've undergone a rebranding

Our company's name now matches the accelerator's name — Business Booster. We made this decision because we are constantly evolving: entering new markets, launching projects, and creating new products.

While previously the face of the brand and the author of all educational materials was Alexander Visotsky, now a whole team is involved in product creation: experts, coaches, and consultants. All of this is part of the accelerator.

We are promoting the product and placing emphasis on the accelerator as a comprehensive program for accelerating business growth.

The positioning where the brand aligns with the product makes promotion easier. For example, Coca-Cola is named the same as its main product, even though it owns Fanta, Sprite, and many other brands. We've decided to follow the same principle. This will allow many entrepreneurs to learn who we are and what benefits we bring.

Due to the rebranding, you'll soon see updated logos on social media and websites. Stay tuned!


We'd like to remind you that recently we celebrated the anniversary of the Business Owners School's creation. You can read about it here.


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