We published a film about the history of the Ukrainian company named Collar

Before the outbreak of full-scale war, our team visited the production site in Chernihiv, Ukraine, and spoke with Yuriy Synytsya, the owner of Collar, which produces pet supplies. Yuriy is a graduate of Business Booster.


The story of Collar started from a utility room and grew to a production area of 7000 m² with an annual turnover of over $15 million. Currently, they have more than 20 patents registered for pet products, and while everyone else is importing from China, Collar exports their products there. 


With the onset of the war, they did not cease operations: a month later, the first container of products was sent to Japan. Yuriy is convinced that this is the second birthday of the company. 


«When a humanitarian disaster began in the city, I realized that you cannot stand still. Every day we opened the doors of one of our stores to feed the animals. Whatever we could not sell, we left at the door.


One day, a rocket hit the store where we had worked the day before. I was pulling animals out of the rubble while sirens were sounding and planes were flying overhead. I then decided: we must show the world what we are capable of.»


In May of the same year, representatives of Collar attended an international exhibition in Nuremberg. We wrote about it here. And a month later, the company was covered by UNITED24, a global initiative of the President of Ukraine, created to support entrepreneurs.


Recently, we finished filming the second part of the clip, in which Yuriy talks about the difficulties the company faced and how they managed to resume work.


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